League Play Has Left The Station

In a year with few high points, one of the bright spots has been the unification of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia players. No longer are we Madison players, or Milwaukee players, or people who used to play trivia but then moved away, or Anjali, the Dr. David Banner figure of WHT. Anjali shows up, eventually gets angry, roars a lot, throws around a few downed trees or the large pieces of discarded metal we keep here as analogies for trivia questions, and in the end things are right in the world.

Okay so honestly, this is still a contest between Milwaukee and Madison. Perhaps the players don’t know, but I feel better when a Madison team wins. And the last few months have been rough. I’m over here talking about how well Welcome to Blockbuster played or how great All That Glitters Aint Chode is, but all I’m thinking is, “Get it together Madison players.” 

So imagine the joy I felt after last week’s show. Imagine the trashy smugness I brought to every conversation I’ve had with Nick since. How else am I supposed to react when Madison teams take the top three spots. And we’re not even talking about Madison powerhouses like OG Neal of Fortune or Spoony Bards. We’re talkmbout unexpected winners. Clearly, last week’s first place finishers, We Didn’t Start the Fires should have brought in Plague Doctor Sarina full time years ago and maybe they wouldn’t have had to move to Irvine. Fun Facts about Irvine: the official city vegetable is asparagus and the official city disposition is a shrug emoji. 

Somehow, showing more restraint than I have ever seen demonstrated from anyone on the team, Drink Tickets 6.9: The Chaco-Taco kept it together long enough to grab second place. And Laura Dern’s Dab Rig was able to stitch together a third place finish.

Of course, this week is a whole new week and if you don’t think Scrambled Eggs Benedict Cumberbatches & Cookies from the 2013 Album LizzoBangers is getting in the mix this time, you’re sadly mistaken. I mean it is anyone’s game. 

All you have to do is get registered. 

  • Playing Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia will be $10/player or $50/team of six players. Teams can still play with more than six players, but will be docked 10 points for each additional player. Drop you payments on paypal.me/SlashGreg.
  • Be sure your teammates know your team name before the game starts. We’re on Zoom-centric platform and this will allow us to put you on the right team.
  • Once your team has registered, you’ll get the password to the Zoomiary.
  • Finally, if you have any questions, drop an email on Nick@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com, Anjali@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com or Greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com and we’ll get you in the mix.


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