Late Summer League Kicks Off In Madison

With bigger crowds rolling into the Madison show every week, it was clearly time to kick off a league.
Seven teams were in the house and the game play was furious, especially from the phenomenal two-man team, Anchor (who later changed their team name to We Fucked Up). These guys made good use of their double early and held a commanding lead through the first two rounds.

But something major happened in the third round, Those needle-happy ladies, the Purls of Fucking Wisdom, laid waste to everyone else, racking up a cool 50+ points in the final round and walking out with the win.

Did I mention they took a 15-point penalty for having a seventh player?

Second place went to the stalwarts, Manatee Klaxon, and Anchor/We Fucked Up grabbed third.

As for rankings, the Madison League is looking like this:

  • Purls of Fucking Wisdom—8
  • Manatee Klaxon—5
  • Anchor/We Fucked Up—4
  • Velociraptors and The Ensuing Fucking Carnage—3
  • Laura Fucking Dern and the Goddamn High-Waisted Shorts—2
  • Fuck, This Shit—1
  • T.W.A.T.—Two Women At Trivia—0

As a reminder, a team gets one point for every team they beat. If a team takes first place for the night, they are award two bonus points.
We’re only one week deep, so there is still plenty of time to get into it, this league runs until August 29th,


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