July Times

Yawn and stretch and let out the last bits of the loooooong weekend out, players, because it’s time to take on your weekly dose of Wisconsin’s Hardest Online Trivia. 

I’m sure there are going to be some Milwaukee players tuning into this post, shouting, “Wisconsin’s Hardest Greggers, whereTF was our post? Why did we have to fly into the Monday show blind?”

And these are fair questions, to which I will provide an unfair answer.
“Holiday weekend, baby.”

You know the fifth of July is Michelada Monday. So you know I’m over here rolling in the Tajin Clasíco. I couldn’t be bothered dropping some damned missive to the Milwaukee players about how there’s a Bucks category. You know that should have been top of mind.

I mean, you take a look at any of the online players, check their brain work history and you’re going to find several references to the Milwaukee Bucks. In fact, for many of them it’s only going to Bucks references and something about a thirty-two point three three, repeating, of course, percent chance of survival. 

It’s honestly a great mix of players. 

If you want to play tonight’s online game, get your team ready.

  1. The Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia entrance fee is $5/player, or $25/team of six players. Teams can still play with more than six players, but will be docked 10 points for each additional player. Drop your payments on paypal.me/SlashGreg.
  2. Once your team has registered, you’ll get the password to the Zoomiary. 
  3. Be sure your teammates know your team name before the game starts, this will allow us to put you on the right team.
  4. Finally, if you have any questions, drop an email on Nick@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com, Anjali@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com or Greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com and we’ll get you in the mix.  

The show starts tonight at 7pm central. See you then. 


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