It’s Weekend In The Woods Time

Weekend in the Woods in finally upon us. I’m super excited. For those of you making the trek out, you might be wondering what to bring. WHT is trying to make this as easy as possible on people so hopefully you don’t have too much to carry. That said here’s a pretty good packing guide for the weekend:

  • Things to make yourself more comfortable Tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, camp chair and anything else you deem crucial.
  • Plates, cups, flatware We have some disposable stuff but if you have reusable gear, please bring that. You know, don’t be an Earth-jerk.  


  • A Flashlight Because your night eyes aren’t really that good.


  • Some singles Stacks and stacks of them if you’re betting person like me. I suspect there will be some bocce wagers and games of dice played. Of course, you can always buy a few off Nick’s stack. I heard he sells them eight-for-$10
  • Bonus Items Anything else you want to bring is fine, preferably nothing like guns or explosives to get us tossed out of the park. But if you want to back some cookies, bring them out, I’m not going to stop you. If you only drink a particular gin, you’re welcome to bring that as well. If you want to smoke, smoke away. Just use your better judgement. We’re adults.


Apart from that, just remember when you get to Astico County Park we’ll be in sites BB, CC and DD. You’ll basically turn into the park and drive until you run out of road. It’s going to be a good time. See you soon.

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