It’s like Jaws 2 around here

Big things happening here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. But I’m not talking about Trivia Newton John’s win at Up & Under on Tuesday. This isn’t about Scrambled Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch’s top place finish at Company Brewing, nor the appearance of a team named Daffidildo. And I am certainly not talking about the crowd-sourced show in Madison this week–a show that only has two categories submitted as of right now. 

I’m talking about the next round of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia tees. 

This bad boy is a spin off the first shirt we ever made. The year was 2014. Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick was clean shaven and owned zero Gatecreeper albums, and I was living LDR– and TBI-free. But now the shirts are back, with a slight update, on always comfortable, always cool black tees. 

We’ll be taking pre-orders on these heaters until February 21. The shirts are $25 each and printed by the crew at The Shop in Madison. To get yours, talk to the host at your show or simply send the money via paypal to me at paypal.me/SlashGreg and I’ll send these things anywhere. 

So get those wallets out and get with the cool kids.



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