It’s League Finals Time, Errbody!

What a week! 

First, I lost all of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia’s money while making Super Bowl bets in Northern Wisconsin. It was like some sort of low stakes Uncut Gems. Then, I returned home and had to put in my 40 hours of week for the year, so I didn’t have time for silly trivia posts. After that, I had to take care of invoices and cancel our order of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia posters which were a lot like 1980s Snap-On Tools posters, except it was Nick and me shirtless and in jean shorts. And in a real electric type, it read Wisconsin’s Nastiest Trivia.

It turns out people didn’t want those posters. 

Anyway, tonight it is the winter league finals at Glass Nickel in Madison. There will be champions and there will be prizes. Of course, that doesn’t happen until the players have helped themselves to the finest pizzas and Lagunitas Beer Glass Nickel has to offer. You know Jake will be there hustling food and drinks. And I’ll be there, barely making it through 10 categories. 

The real question is, will you be there? Will you get your team together and do some quick cramming on categories like the roaring 1920s, Animals and their poops and celebrity mugshots? I think you can do this. I believe in you. All you need to do is be at Glass Nickel Pizza tonight. We’ll be in the basement and the show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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