It’s Go Time in Madison

Time is running out around Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. The Madison players only have a few short hours to gather a team and get to Glass Nickel Pizza for tonight’s show. And then once they get there, they’ve got maybe 120 minutes before Neal of Fortune crushes their trivia hopes and dreams. 

I don’t know how to stump that team. I once thought I was bringing heat with a category called Bars Me and Some Dude Named Bryce Opted Not to Go In Because They Didn’t Look Hard Drug-sy Enough While Riding a Pedicab Through Denver. And that whole team looked me directly in the eye and someone, probably Eddie, was like “we’ll double this, but your five-point answer better not be Shag Lounge because I’m pretty sure that place runs on nose beers”. 

At this point, I just have to remind myself to take joy in the fleeting moments when they get an answer incorrect.

I guess what I’m getting at is that we’re now hosting trivia shows to see who can finish in second place. So come on down and test your luck at Glass Nickel Pizza tonight. As always we’ll be in the basement and the show starts at 7pm. See you there. Additionally, time is running out to order your 2020 TPIODITMOSL tee. So if you want one, slide $25 in the direction of paypal.me/SlashGreg and get ready to answer so many questions from passer-bys.

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