It Was Caffeine Pills

Dry your eyes, Madison. I know the first of November can be rough. You’re packing away your
Novak Djokovic or Brit Marling in the film Sound of my Voice costume. You’re squeezing a couple of the remaining mini-packs of Swedish Fish you were handing out to trickertreaters, wondering if they can last one more year. And, if you’re really ambitious you’re already working on your rustic Thistle n’ Gristle thanksgiving stuffing recipe.
Before you get too deep into feasting season, don’t forget there is a killer round of trivia waiting for you at Glass Nickel Pizza tonight. I’m not going to claim it’s the best round of trivia ever or the trivia to end all triviums, but this will definitely be a very special trivia. One you don’t want to miss.
I would put it on par with the episode of Saved By The Bell where Jessie get fired up on surburban speed and dances, setting up what I can only assume was the prequel to the 1995 teen favorite, Showgirls. But instead of seeing the speed episode as a child like everyone else did, imagine you’re in your last semester of college, just laying on the couch in your apartment, dipping in and out depressive states and for some reason watching SBTB. And you see Jessie with, frankly, A TON of energy and think, “Fuck, I could use some of that.”
That’s the level we’re running at tonight.
So if you’ve been looking at trivia posts thinking, “Fuck, I could use some of that” or you simply want a reason to get out tonight, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is here for you. We’ll be at Glass Nickel Pizza Co. As always it will be in the basement, and the show starts at 7pm.
See you there.

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