Introducing, The Judith Tee

YO! We got brand new tees. After several rounds of revisions, trying to find the sweet spot between chunky letters and screen widths for small tees, we’ve got the latest Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia shirts.

Anyone who’s played enough, or just once, has probably run into one of our references to Judith, with the help of her handmaiden, Abra, liberating the head of Holofernes from its body. It’s an image that has been painted so many times, but that doesn’t matter. Toss on the Judith tee and you can be referencing any work on this subject. None of them feature a shortage of blood. Shit, this tee references something so bloody it showed up in John Wick 3 and it seemed right at home. Even my daughter’s child care has a drink service machine that requires the children to push a knife through Holof’s neck and Mountain Dew Code Red comes out. And Yes, my daughter’s child care center is a Taco Bell.

So jump on this chance to own the latest WHT tee. It’s sure to attract attention wherever you wear it, and then you can tell all the simps and know-nothings about the greatest trivia show in the great state of Wisconsin. Shirts will go to print on June 11, so orders need to be placed by then. Each tee is $25, which will include shipping to anywhere in the US.

Slide into that PP paypal.me/SlashGreg

As always, thanks for supporting Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia.



  1. Daveron


    I have no idea what any of it means. Is it still okay for me to wear this shirt?

    I live in Canada. Who will couver the shipping cousts?

    1. greg

      $25 in the paypal account and I’ll send a shirt your way, ya numbnuts.

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