Indigenous Peoples’ Day

It seems we have just enough time to slide in a few trivia shows before the NLCS starts. That means, Company Brewing players, I’m going to need you to halt your planning of a trivia-themed tailgate and focus on this week’s show.

I am honored and thrilled you’re planning really fantastic treats like a sampling of Breads of The World, and the What’s Missing challenge, in which people have to guess what ingredient is missing from a batch of cookies (It’s salt. It’s always salt). Plus, the TPIODITMOSL Shark Bites candy dish is cool. I applaud whoever made the Pomegranate flavored pastries topped with just a bit of honey, that when you bite into each, some Tiger beer, the official beer of Singapore, is squirted on a suddenly, and inexplicably, present naked woman. Then there is the Oeuvre of Angelina Jolie condiment station, which again is just Salt. And how could I forget about Kate P’s Famous Bamboo Harvester of Sorrow kebabs. It’s horse meat on a bamboo skewer. After you’ve housed three or four she leans over and whispers, “That was the horse that saved your father’s life”. You see, that’s when the sorrow really kicks in.

Anyway, I’m sure all of these treats are delicious and totally not vegan, so enjoy them you monsters. But don’t forget about tonight’s trivia show. Nick’s warmed up and ready to throw out 50 hot ones on topics like Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the Americas, the New Testament and Portlandia. If these seem right up your alley, mildly interesting or even not-more-than-slightly annoying, I suggest you get your team together and get to Company Brewing in Riverwest tonight.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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