Indian Summer?


I was speaking with the Design Department here at the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters and Rap Emporium, when I was asked if I’m enjoying the indian summer.

“There are two issues with your question, and I will address the second in order of importance first” I replied. “I don’t think this is a true indian summer as it’s only really chilled the 40s and 50s on the Fahrenheit thermometer. We have to wait until after a killing frost. Point 2-A, the killing frost is a wonderfully horrifying term. But, to the first point, Are we allowed to say ‘Indian Summer’ anymore? I mean, do you sit cross-legged or do you speak like an asshole?”

All of this led to me calling up one of the research interns from the sub-basement. When the information arrived, we found no alternative name.

What was discovered was a nearly universal embrace of offensive terms by western cultures for this period. In Germany, and throughout the alpine regions, it is called “old woman’s summer”. In 2011, The BBC reported on the occurrence noting, “A more generic but now (sadly) politically incorrect idiom is ‘Old Wives’ Summer” (this was under the headline “What is an Indian Summer”). In the Slavic countries it is known as “ the blood of an unclean woman’s summer”.  In Ireland it’s simply “Whores”. In Italy, it’s “Giulia in the short skirt, she’s a nasty little tart’s summer”. And, in perhaps the most offensive phrasing, the Bulgarians refer to it as “gypsy summer”.

More like Vulgarians, am I right?

Anyway, if you need a break from your canning, or whatever people do in the early Autumn weeks, you should cruise over to the Up & Under on Brady Street in Milwaukee. Celebrity guest host Andy Berg and Lewis, the man invented smoking weed through an apple, will be firing off questions about The Incredibles, Serial Killers, Sex Toys and so many other things. Plus, we are now firmly in the grips of the Fall 2016 league. So come down, bring like 10 friends and play some trivia. The Up & Under show starts at 7pm.


  1. David

    I’m impressed with how early in the day you get these posts up. Have you considered going pro at trivia wrap-up blogging? You seem to have a real discipline that is lacking on the trivia wrap-up circuit.

    1. greg

      Pretty sure I’m already pro.
      I get paid like a back-up punter, proportionally.

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