I’m Back, As If Anyone Noticed I Was Gone

We now know where trivia stands in the hearts and minds of the players. Not one person reached out to say “What are the categories this week?” or “Where are our clues, asshole?” 

Not a single person texted and asked, “You doing alright?” If so, they would have learned that I was doing great, but just got hung up in the middle of nowhere northern Wisconsin where there was no mobile service and really spotty internet action. Plus, I totally forgot that is was Monday until nearly 5:30, when I was being traffic on the drive home. 

Anyway, I missed that CoBrew show. I’m sure it was great. I’m sure the anagram team came up with something like Three Dollar Pickle Slicer Toyota Previa or whatever. The good news is that I’m here posting trash and giving those Up & Under players plenty of time to get ready for tonight’s show, knowing they had better study Quentin Tarintino, More About Wines, and then Famous Murders

If you want to break that down in true Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia style that’s a category about a sleazy white guy, privilege, and creepy white guys behaving badly. 

As is tradition, the show tonight will be manned by Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, a man who knows all the lyrics to the Barenaked Ladies’ jam One Week and is not afraid to break them out any time. The show starts at 7pm. See you then.    


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