How It Works


50 questions each night – 10 categories with five questions each. We announce each category as it comes up, read through the questions, and move onto the next category. Questions cover everything from basic chemistry to fish identification to world leaders and whether or not Keanu Reeves is Canadian (he is). Don’t expect to get many right – this is hardest trivia in town, after all.


The first question in each category is worth one point, the second two, and so on with the last question in each round worth five points, so each category is potentially worth 15 points. Each team has a chance to double their points in one category.  Any team can use their double once we announce the next category (but before we start reading questions).  Each team must use their double, so any team left with theirs must use it on the last category.

Teams hand in their sheets every after the third, sixth, and final category.  We’ll go through the answers after we’ve graded them and handed them back.  Afterward, we’ll update you on your score and where you stand vs. everyone else.  Make sure you score along with us and double check our math.  There’s beer involved, so we might screw something up.  We’re not going back to change scores later on in the night, so pay attention!


Each team is allowed six members. Larger teams are welcome, but take a 15 point penalty for each person over six.  Large teams can split into smaller teams to avoid the penalty, but cannot share answers.


Prizes will be announced each night at the beginning of the game.  Prizes can vary, but generally fall along these lines:

1st prize: Bar tab to wherever you’re playing trivia
2nd prize: Smaller bar tab to wherever you’re playing trivia
3rd prize: Pitcher of beer

We often give out a prize for the highest score in each leg/section/period/whatever (when you hand in your sheets).  Sometimes we have stuff to give away to everyone just for the sake of it.

League Play

If the regular crowd is interested, we run leagues run for about eight weeks at a time.  Normal week-to-week scoring and prizes apply.  In addition, each team receives one league point for every team they beat each week plus a two point bonus for taking first place.  The team with the most points at the end of the league wins said league and first choice of the league prizes.  League prizes vary and consist of whatever we can gather.  Quarter barrel parties, pizza parties, coolers, grills, neon signs and the like.  The second  place team gets their pick of what’s left, and so on until the prizes are gone.


Don’t be a dick; it’s just bar trivia.  Phones, laptops, iPads, etc. – anything you can use to look up answers – must not be used during the game.  Feel free to bring them back out once we’ve collected your answer sheets.


  1. David

    I was wondering if you are looking to expand. Im thinking a tuesday or wednesday late afternoon here at bremen. At 901 e clarke st in Riverwest. We often have music late at night so i was thiking of having the trivia done by 9-10pm every night. What is the host typically paid at tracks and red dot? The prizes wouldnt be a problem for me to provide. Let me know if we can work something out. Contact me by email at Thanks

  2. Roger Retzlaff

    Hello.This is The Evil League of Evil. Was wondering if one of us could come by and pick up our shirts for winning… last fall was it?I know it’s a bit tardy but very busy as you know ,no rest for the wicked. Ha ha.Will stop by Company Brewing Monday(July 1) night.

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