Gonna Fly Now

I can hear all those Madison jerkoffs mumbling about it right now, “Oh Greg’s late with the Monday trivia post.” “I bet it’s because he sucks.” “I bet it’s late because he’s still sad we booed him so hard the foundation of Glass Nickel Pizza shook. He’s never been booed like that. It was so brutal. And then Janet yelled, “Go home and cry into that vomit-y green pillow you think is an appropriate accent piece you colorblind loser’ which seems extra harsh, but he deserves it the late-posting scumsack.”

Well surprise MFers, that’s not it all all. I went home cranked up the Bill Conti, stepped into the freezer, started punching frozen cuts of vegan meat and now I’m back to knock out trivia players at several locations in southern Wisconsin. I’m also concerned about some pillow choices I’ve made and that Janet might be sneaking into my house.

Or maybe, by delivering this post late I’m showing my solidarity with the Milwaukee show tonight at Company Brewing, which will be starting about 15-20 minutes late.

Can you imagine what the CoBrewCrew is going to do with that extra time. I imagine some will just show up as normal and squeeze in three or four extra pints of that Space Whistle mosaic IPA. Others, might use that time to brush up on Wisconsin Counties and notable bridges (as in Brooklyn, not Jeff). And fear not trivia players, just in time for the season four premiere we’ve got a whole new Ballers category for you.

If you’re looking to step into the trivia ring, get your team together, do a little research on those categories and get to Company Brewing tonight. The show will start just a little bit after 7pm. See you there.


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