Glass Nickel Year Ender

Glass Nickel Players, the time has come. Tonight is your one chance to play the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Year in Review show. It’s your one chance to go out on top. And as a bonus, it’s your last chance in 2018 to top . Plus it’s a holiday week, who knows who else is going to show up. Maybe Good Enough. Maybe Fuck the EFG. Maybe Eric Krszjzaniek and his crew if they’re in town. Regardless of who shows up, it’s gonna be massive.

Imagine yourselves next week, when trivia takes it’s one week off, getting all twisted up thinking, “Do I need to remember this for current events? Could this be a WTF? Are we going to have to talk about Willie Cauley-Stein and how he’s really come into his own with De’Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield at his side, wearing those crisp, Sac Town jerseys, again?”

To keep those concerns at bay for as long as possible you’re going to want to be at Glass Nickel Pizza tonight. I’m going to be there, tossing teams one by one into a pit of 50 unforgiving questions. Jake will be there, tossing drinks one by one to thirsty patrons. Emmett might be there hustling pizzas two by two, like biblical animals into the Noah’s Ark of your bellies.

It will all be a very good time. If you wanna get in on this, all you have to do is get to GNP to night. We’ll be in the basement, and the show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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