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Settle in, it’s going to be a wild couple of weeks on the trivia front. “Why?” You might ask, and I’ll tell you. You see this week is the league finals if you’re playing at Tracks Tavern or Glass Nickel Pizza. That means super rad prizes, extra giddy hosts and 12 rounds of totally trash questions. That also means next week is a crowd-sourced show, wherein you, the players, get to pick a category, write five questions and present them. But you need to get them to us by next Monday.

However, if you’re playing at the Up & Under, your league is not quite done. You’ve got a few more bruisers to roll through. And I have a feeling it’s still going to get ugly over there. I mean, you’ve got the Whispering Goat Whores walking in tonight with a league-leading 39 points. But Moonbats are at 38 and pissed. Then, not far off that lead is 3 Guys on Fact Hunt, who have 33 points and will probably be making a strong push, like some sort of trivia power bottom. And that is just for the top spots. Who Pooped in the Pool, with their 13 points, are in a struggle with Putin Pops, who have put up 10 points so far this season. So yeah, you might say John Wick is back.

I guess we’ll see how all the teams handle a round of questions like The Great State of South Dakota, Know your NES Games, and Bob’s Burgers. And before we go any further, I know that was supposed to be Bob’s Burgers the Musical, but I spent as many as five minutes looking for a copy that has fallen off a truck, and couldn’t find it. I know Hulu has it, but I already blew my free trial over there while writing the Rick & Morty categories. So it’s going to be just a general Bob’s Burger round. Apologies, you jerks.

Finally, this week in trivia gets underway way tonight. You can join Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, who wasn’t the first person to lick a 9-volt battery, but the first to get a friend to do it in front of him. They’ll be asking questions and doling out prizes at the Up & Under, but you need to be there to get in on the fun. The show starts at 7pm. See you then.

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