Emitting an Audible Click


Milwaukee, You’re now entering week two of your fall league. Can you believe it? They grow up so fast. The Once Brilliant Detectives are off to an early lead, but it’s small lead and anyone could overtake them with a simple flexing of knowledge. Perhaps the Tunnel Snakes can do it tonight. Or Tits & Giggles. I would mention Craig T. Nelson Mandela as potential champions, but they are a team of subhumans who live under rotting logs, filling their simple digestive systems with whatever worm or bug crawls up through the detritus, their mandibles emitting an audible clicking sound with each bite.

Oh, they’re feasting now, the morning light has warmed the ground around the log they use as shelter. Listen closely and you can almost hear a rhythm come through the cacophony of so many jaws and teeth. Do you hear it? Sing along with it now, you know the words “…destroys the night, night divides the day, tried to run, tried to hide, break on through…” It really is just further proof that this team is a pack of wild creatures, monsters really, which we have allowed to walk among us.

Meanwhile, in Madison, this is the last week before we fire up our fall league play. It’s going to be a bruiser, so I highly suggest everyone brings their A-game and full team. But that’s just because I like seeing a full house.

I also suggest someone brings a playlist to the Madison show. If you bring it, I’ll play it.

Madison and Milwaukee shows start at 7pm tonight. Milwaukee you’re playing at Winchester, on Murray and just off North Ave. Madison, we’ll be in the basement of the Glass Nickel on Atwood. Both Nick and I will be ready to discuss Forest Bocce, should anyone bring it up.

See you all in a few hours.

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