Dreamy Trivs


This message right here goes out to the true Milwaukee players, the Company Brewing trivia hounds, the dreamers of dreams–the kind of dreams that are often like “we were at Company Brewing, Nick was there but he had a green mohawk like the time he went to the Corn Palace with his family. And Canadian Mel was there, but it wasn’t Canadian Mel it was an animatronic cowboy who would just lift his arm to get a bottle labelled XXX close-ish to the unmoving mouth and then would shout ‘OOOOOO! That’s some good moonshine. Now who’s ready to play some trivia? I hope the cowpokes on my team put some knowledge under them ten gallon hats, ‘specially about Famous Fictional Cowboys.’ So obviously it wasn’t really Mel. but it had a real Mel jeau de vive. Then again, I get that from most animatronics. Jesus, you don’t think Mel’s an animatronic do you?”

Slow it down there, players. I think we lost the plot a little bit right there, but I’m not upset with where it went. I mean most of the needed information was provided. There is a trivia show at Company Brewing tonight. Nick will be there reading out the questions and blasting through the answers. There will be food and drinks and prizes for the top teams. Really the only thing not covered was that the show starts at 7pm.

See you there.


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