Daylights Savings Tine

Girl students conducting scientific experiment in chemistry laboratory classroom

Being we’re now 36 hours deep into, or out of, Dayslight Saving Time I hope we’ve all adjusted settled back into a normal rhythm. Back to the rigamarole of sleeping until 7am, giving the old bones a stretch, as well as you can, and then starting the car and pulling out of the restricted daytime parking spot. 

Now, I’m not saying EVERYONE who plays trivia at Company Brewing sleeps in their cars, but I’m pretty sure all of TunnelSnakes is running off borrowed wi-fi and PO boxes. And there is a big difference between living in a Sprinter van for a few days and getting residency in a Chevy Aveo, but I’m super proud of them for making it work. 

So, understanding the poor life choices TunnelSnakes are known for making and that they still show up to play trivia week after week, maybe you can find some place in your busy schedule for Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia, and some place in your heart for a picture of Jesus riding a bird scooter with the caption “Two wheels. One messiah. Zero fucks”. 

I’m not going to tell you Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia can cure what ails you or make you rich, but you will have a whole lot of fun. Every Monday night Company Brewing opens their doors and lets Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick take the stage and toss out 50 hot ones. In between questions there are plenty of great food and drinks to be had. And maybe even a bartender who will give you an incorrect answer. Or maybe a right answer. It depends what this bartender knows about things like High School Chemistry, NBA Jersey Sponsors and Famous Rivers of Literature.

Honestly, it’s a trivia event not to be missed. Get your team together and get yourself to Company Brewing in Riverwest tonight. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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