Crowdsourced to Death

I’m glad last night’s trivia sesh at Glass Nickel Pizza was a solid one. I needed that, and I suspect some of the players did as well, as we rolled into today–one of the most annoying days of the year. The day when aspiring nerds and plush scifis all crawl out from whatever basement they dwell to say, “May the fourth be with you”.

Too many people said it on sōsh meeds. My own brother texted it to me. Even our super cool governor said it. He also said we need more border walls, so do you really want to be in his crew?

Now, we’re all educated-ish people here. We know the proper way to write a date is May 4 (pronounced May Four) or the Fourth of May. There is no May the Fourth or even May Fourth. Remember how a decade ago we all decided to stop saying “That’s what she said”? Maybe we could do that with all this Star Wars trash as well.

Whatever, I’m the dude out there getting wild drunk on June 16th wishing everyone a happy Bloomsday like I can even deal with Ulysses.  

Anyway, we wrapped up the crowd-sourced season last night with about 500 Bamboo Harvester of sorrow questions. In the end Good Enough had 53 points, TV Dogs got humbled with 59 and The Spoony Bards and the Bees fell one short of 69.

Third place went to Lorna Doon and the Fabulous Front Butts, who earned 78 points. Laura Dern and High-Waisted Skorts put up 81 for second place. And capturing first place with 87 points, it was Neal of Fortune.

This is good as it means Alex won her first week back from getting her bionic arm AND Caitlin won her last week at trivia. FOr those who don’t know Caitlin has supplied 90% of the sketches we’ve used over the last several years. Now she’s off to get archival in Minneapolis. I hope she can find a good, but not too good, trivia show up there.

Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is back at it next week. If you want to start drawing pics, please sharpen those pencils and start sketching away.


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