Brace yourselves players because this week is coming through WITH WEIGHT.

Anjali of Ever Increasing Wisconsin Hardness will be out again for story writing class, so all the pressure is on Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick and Wisconsin’s Hardest Me

Listen players, between you and Wisconsin’s Hardest me, I’m a bit concerned about Anjali’s class. She told me the last one was three hours of someone saying, “Write what you know and then at the end of the story add, ‘And then I found $50!” 

I should also address my earlier statement about all the pressure being on Nick and Me. It’s a crowd-sourced show and as of now we have three categories submitted so we’re doing just fine. Sure we’ve got to handle the regular categories, but have you lived through this last week? We could write 17 Currents Events categories and each one would have at least one reminder that Kelly Loeffler, is trash, did lose so hard last night and is married to a Madison native who is so scummy he was able to get WARF, an establishment of already questionable ethics, sued for like $32 million dollars.  

Goddamn it’s a wild week. Anyway, it’s crowd-sourced, so there will be no clues dropped. The struggle will be extra real this week. The show starts at 7pm Central Time. To get access to the Zoomiary drop me an email, greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com and I’ll get you the link probably at like 6:55pm tonight.

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