Players, I hope you’re ready for tonight’s show, because we’ve been letting this one marinate. No sooner had last week’s show wrapped, when Anjali, Nick and I popped on those tall toques blanche and started mixing it up. 

We knew we had to turn up the heat on this league. We can’t have Alphabet Mafia over there eating everyone’s dinner. So we had to change up the recipe. We thought about currying favor with a couple teams, talking to the likes of Drink Tickets, asking them what we can do to help them rise to the top. And we spoke with Sippin’ Syrup about possibly cooking someone Canada goose. We even talked to Clever Girl, trying to figure out what they can do to bring things to a boil. 

Dog, listen, I even traveled to the home of OG Neal of OG Neal of Fortune. Once there, I made him watch Casper Kelly’s Too Many Cooks while I watched him, trying to gauge his level of enjoyment. I then did the same with the 2020 Sightless Pit album Grave of a Dog. I don’t know which was more troubling for him or if it was the whole experience in general. But it’s like Coolio once said, “If you can’t take the heat, get your ass out the kitchen”.

What I’m really trying to get at is tonight’s show features a category on bakers, baking and bakeries. So once you’ve got your team together, get registered and get ready to play. 


  1. The Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia entrance fee is $10/player, or $50/team of six players. Teams can still play with more than six players, but will be docked 10 points for each additional player. Drop your payments on paypal.me/SlashGreg.
  2. Once your team has registered, you’ll get the password to the Zoomiary. 
  3. Be sure your teammates know your team name before the game starts, this will allow us to put you on the right team.
  4. Finally, if you have any questions, drop an email on Nick@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com, Anjali@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com or Greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com and we’ll get you in the mix.  

The show starts tonight at 7pm. See you then.


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