Company Brewing Keeps on Rising


The Company Brewing teams have done it again. Packing in and throwing down. That’s the name of the game over there. So let see these scores, shall we?

At 44 points last night it was efukt.com, which seems more like the name of some 1990s website. Impressively high score for a last place finish. Just ahead of them, it was the Red Shirts at 45 and Somebody’s Got A Case Of The Mondays at 49. Gilmore Girls Demogorgone Wild only put up 54 points, but continued their dominance in the name game. They were upstaged by the original Gilmore Girls Gone Wild, who put up 67.

At 70 points it was Hey Nick, Booker T Was The Last WCW Champion Formerly Known As Bite My Junk Suckrod Formerly Known As Smooth By Santana Featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20. Yeah, that’s their full name. It’s like this team is having real trouble leaving their past in the past. The mystery behind this team would make for the shortest and pretty much least entertaining season of Somebody Knows Something, a CBC Original Podcast hosted by David Ridgen.

With 79 points, it was Tits & Giggles. The fact they didn’t even land in the top three this week makes me think Pratik must be out of town, or may be he just got shouted down by all the raging hate mongers on that team.

Third place went to Laverne & Don’t Call Me Shirley who ended the night with 87 points. Word on the street is Tunnel Snakes had a horse expert on their team last night. That was all they needed to land in second place with 89 points. Then, reclaiming their throne with a solid 91-point win it was the Reclusive Wankers.

Now we move on to Up & Under on Brady Street tonight. If you’re looking for a drinks and jokes and trivia, you’re going to want to be there. Celebrity guest host Andy Berg and Lewis, the first person to speculate the ancient aliens theory is simply a hoax to hide the fact that throughout most of human history, people were horrible rock carvers and that those “spaceships” may represent finely crafted porkpie hats and that haberdashers may truly be humanity’s oldest profession, will be running show. And as they do every week, they kick it off at 7pm.

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