CoBrew League Ender

And just like that the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia crowd at Company Brewing has wrapped up their summer league. There are many things to note–the strong showing from Farts Anonymous, the league domination and win from Scrambled Eggs, the nonstop hilarity of Wisconsin’s Trivia Sharted–that came out of this league. But when you have that much good, there’s bound to be some bad as well. Tunnelsnakes, for example.

Tunnelsnakes spends most of their non-trivia time outside a liquor store offering to buy kids beer, and after the kids give them a few bucks they take the money and split. Tunnelsnakes is also the kind of team that is more than happy to buy cigarettes for kids. Tunnelsnakes is the kind of team that microwaves yesterday’s coffee for 20 seconds before serving it to you. Fucking Tunnelsnakes still wears a Halliburton tee shirt and claims it’s ironic. Tunnelsnakes gives savings bonds as a wedding present. Tunnelsnakes once got together as a team and all peed in a cookie sheet, then froze that gross amalgam in order to later slide it under a door, so when urine ice sheet melts BOOM! puddle of piss of someone’s floor. Now, you might be saying, “Greggers, thats a dumb college dorm prank.” But check this shit, naysayers, Tunnelsnakes did it in a nursing home, to their own grandmother.

Anyway, Tunnelsnakes got third place. 

If you need a palate cleanser following the trash of that whole ordeal, I suggest getting your rump to on Brady Street tonight. Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg, and Lewis, a man who spent three semesters teaching Astronomy 614: I Love My Curvy Space Wife and referring to all mentions of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge as a Dennis Rodman Hole, will be there to toss out the questions. The show starts at 7pm. See you there. 


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