C’mon Ride That Crowd-Sourced Train

Players, somebody take my arm. My knees are weak. I might be going down. You see, I’ve seen what you have yet to see. I have lain mine eyes upon this week’s Wisconsin Hardest Trivia show, and I don’t know if I will ever recover. 

Five of the six categories tonight are coming from the alternate dimensions of crowd-sourced sorcery. Time and space mean nothing. Up is now down. Left is now right and right is like 8 different directions, none of which are able to be understood by someone who only accepts the world in which we live. 

Of course, the show tonight is free for anyone to play. By all means, please, bring in some new players. But, can you imagine someone playing tonight for the first time and question one–that question that is supposed to hook new players is “Six ways Rosé is Black Pink’s true connection to Neo-prog, but honestly Coheed and Cambria were dull as hell.”

That’s not even a question. And 40% of the teams will still get it right. And then after that it all falls apart. For pretty much every team. I assure you of that.

I actually felt so bad when putting together tonight’s show that I tossed in one question about the ABT, just so some teams could score a few points. 

So gather your friends and loved ones. Gather ‘round the wi-fi connection tonight. The show starts at 7pm central. If you want to get in the mix drop an email on me, greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com

See you soon.


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