Century Eggs

It’s good to know the Madison crowd is catching on the open bribery that keeps Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia moving. Last night Tickles for Nickels, a team that in the past has brought me Chilean candy, a Lake Tahoe bottle opener and countless other gifts, brought me a century egg.

I should note, in the past T4N has brought really cool gifts, and in the past they’ve seen a few wins. Are these events connected? I can’t confirm or deny. But those wins were before they brought in a century egg. Here’s what’s crazy about the century egg, someone took the egg, a pretty gross thing from the jump, then thought, let’s fuck this bad boy up.

We’ll take your gross, everyday eggs and bury in delicious things like sulfur and clay until it turns that mouth-watering color of soooo black. I mean think of all the wonderful black foods that exist. Burned hot dogs, rotten spinach, that frozen pizza you put in the oven one night after some drinks but then you fell asleep watching The Fast & The Furious 8: The Fate of The Furious only to wake up late for class the next day and not remember your culinary aspirations until like 3pm. Also, they put some added stink on it.   

Players, a bribe like this is going to get you nowhere. Therefore Tickles found themselves hanging out aimlessly in the center of the pack with 48 points. Sure they topped Sam, who played like 4 rounds and earned 12 points for herself and Fish Ladies who had to duck out early with 16 points. Laura Dern and The High Necked Dresses went from first to nearly worst  and closed out their night with 29 points. Guess Harder put up 44 points and Clever Girl had 48 on the night.

Radioactive Tigers tossed up a solid 51 points, not bad for a team made of mostly new people and two under 18-year-olds. Sorry about all the vulgarities. Good Enough was finally pleased with a Stargate category and grabbed third place with 73. But it was the SOB’s (Spoony O’Bards) who topped them with a soul crushing 74 points.

Clearly, Neal of Fortune won with their 98 points, but I’m not going to talk about that. What I will talk about is Caitlin and her Jeopardy experience. We’ve talked about this many times before, mostly because I am equal parts hyped for and envious of her. Just last week I called her creepy as hell. Then, last night she shows me her official pic with AT (Alex Trebek) and says, “Obviously, I added the hearts.” That is a 100% real deal quote. So maybe it’s way more cool than creepy.

Whatever, we’ll be back in action next week.

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