Canadian Invasion

Gather ‘round, trivia players. Let me tell you a story. This story takes place last Thursday night when Neil got all spicy and told me the Dead, Canadian, Both or Neither was not a good category.

Now, we should address the fact it is NOT a good category. Nor was the Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, or the one about candies. We’ve been writing trivia since like 1973 and a vast majority of the work we’ve done has received a “Not so great” ranking from the International Council on Trivia Inquiries and Team Nomenclature. In fact, the best category we’ve ever had was a crowd-sourced stack that simply asked players to rank these celebrities–that was it, just ranks these people on whatever. The second best is a tie between a Bamboo Harvester of Sorrow category and whenever we saw the first TPIODITMOSL show up.

But back to Neil. Neil’s complaint wasn’t about the quality of the questions. Neil was bitter because no one at trivia was Canadian and frankly no one wants to talk about Canada unless it’s Justin Trudeau /Fic.

This statement is only half true, and so now MFing Neil and all of you are going to play though this week’s Canada-heavy show. That’s right, some how someone scraped up five questions about David Coulier, and none of them involve Alanis Morissette. We’ll also be talking about the high-quality, contemporary television programs we import from our fine neighbors to the north. Then to balance it all out we’ll also dive into the Great State of South Carolina. I can only assume Neil, a Tennessee native, will be quick to tell us no one is from the south. What a jerk.

Anyway, Nick is putting on his Habs sweater right now and getting ready to deliver 50 mid-quality questions tonight at Company Brewing. Anyone or any team is welcome to join in the fun. All you have to do is be at Company Brewing in Riverwest tonight. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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