Canada Day! Yay!

“Hellometer, Hellogram!”

Those are the traditional Canadian greetings that I send to all trivia players, on this fine Canada Day. Sure, it’s probably going to rain today, but that’s nothing new to Canadians. 

Did you know that it rains in Canada too? 

Contrary to popular perception, it only snows in the colder, winter months and in the high altitudes. In fact, it rains so often that every exterior shot used in season one of Orphan Black was filmed as they needed it. And every bright, sunny exterior shot from Schitt’s Creek was actually filmed in Bali. You can tell by the tropical plant life. 

Here’s another fun fact about our neighbors to the north, Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick hasn’t been allowed in the country since 2007 when he was heard muttering “Hudson’s Bay Company? More like Dudson’s Bay Dumb-pany” 

Apparently taking The Bay’s name in vain, or even mocking The Bay, is a criminal offense in Canada. Plus, that’s not even a clever insult. I would feel bad for WHNick if I didn’t know he’s been sneaking back into the country under the guise of a member of The Guess Who

Nick leads a weird-ass life.
Anyway, Nick’s ready to regale everyone with amazing stories of the Canadian 10-day week and the implications of the 2012 Trans-Pacific Partnership on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s CanCon rules and how that has left the residual taste of Nickelback in our metaphorical ear-mouths. 

Sounds thrilling, right? Don’t worry, He’ll also be talking about Human Anatomy, the Industrial Revolution and the World of Dumplings of the World. HOW MUCH BETTER CAN IT GET? Find out tonight at Company Brewing. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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