Borderland Dispatch

Here’s a fun fact about the team Dreadlocks and No Socks: Tales From La Playa: they’re Torontorians so they don’t own a car. But when they use ZipCar, or whatever the luxury version of Zipcar is, you know the one that only offers Range Rovers, Dreadlock Dave brings his own bumper sticker. It’s not really a sticker but a magnet that looks like a bumper sticker, and he carries Rover to Rover, and as he registers each new whip he slaps his “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Jill Stein” magnet on the back. 

Plus, on long weekends Dreadlocks will just cruise to a lesser used border crossing, like Cornwall-Massena, or Chartierville-Pittsburg if there’s time, back the Range right up the line, and as people walk by getting rejected from entering Canada, DD points at the bumper sticker/magnet and asks, “Can you imagine the horror of a fence that won’t let you through?”

Think what you will of Dreadlocks’ Jill Stein vote, at least he voted. And just last week, once again, that vote mattered. Their vote sent the formerly Anthony Huber GoFundMe money towards Walkin’ In My Shoes, an outreach organization providing assistance to the homeless population in Kenosha. 

Sure, they were the only team that didn’t suggest a cause that placed a vote, but that made their vote matter even more. Just like that Jill Stein vote. 

So if you want to control where the next batch of cash goes, you need to get registered to play.

  1. Drop your registration fee on paypal.me/SlashGreg. There is no set registration fee, but half goes to the winning team’s chosen cause or charity and the other half helps keep the lights on at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters.
  2. We’re still backing the businesses which have always backed us. If you make a purchase from Company Brewing in Milwaukee or Glass Nickel Pizza between September 10 and September 16. Send some sort of proof of purchase to greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com and your team is registered.
  3. Pick a strong team name, and then build an even stronger team.
  4. Tune in Wednesday at 7pm on https://www.twitch.tv/wisconsinshardesttrivia and get your brain scrambled.

If you have any questions, reach out to nick@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com or me. Stay safe. See you soon.

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