Autumnal Blanduer

Autumn is upon us. The days are shorter. The leaves are falling. The trivia scores are going down.

If you don’t believe me check the CoBrew scores from last night. Team Names are Hard scored only 22 points on the night and are now to be known as Team Name and Correct Answers are Hard. Worst Televised Job Interview Ever racked up 38 and TEEB NABE scratched together 42 points.

Chtululemon laid the foundation of the middle ground with 54 points. Tunnelsnakes held the middle with 57 and Seppuku Hand Luke just missed the podium with 63

Scrambled Eggs took third place with 74 and S&M&Ms and took second with 75 points. Then, way out in front, The Evil League of Evil put up 77. That brings their league total up to a dominating 40 points.

Now we’re going to float this old trivia barge down to Brady Street. The Up & Under plays home to Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia tonight with Lewis, a man who once purposely provided a wrong answer to a friend on who wants to be a millionaire simply so he could call that friend a broke-ass chump, in the hosting seat. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.  

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