Autumn Leaves (2009 Underwater Slub Knit House Mix Version)

I gotta get this message out before the entire city of Milwaukee destroys itself after the play-off game today.

So Milwaukee hear me out, sometime around the 4th inning, when you’re feeling good about the Brewers and you’re on your 17th celebratory Jack & Coke say to yourself, “Nick is waiting for me. My team is waiting for me. Company Brewing and Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia are waiting for me.” Make it a mantra. Write it on your hand. Do whatever you need to do to remember there is trivia tonight and we’re in the middle of a league.

And then, as you’re making your way through the celebratory/frustration riot-destroyed streets of Riverwest, consider what you know about e-sports. This is not to be confused with Esprit, the global fashion giant, which has a strong footing in the European and Asian markets, but hasn’t really been successful in the Americas in a while. I find this baffling as it was started by the same dude who founded The North Face, which has seen overwhelming success in North America. And that Esprit wordmark is mega. Just those three floating bars as a jump off. C’mon man. Consider it when you think about e-sports, because I know nothing of that subject.

Of course we’ll also be discussing topics like Short Story Collections and the evergreen crowd favorite What Car is That?

As I said earlier, try to keep your wits about you and hopefully the Brewers can crush it today. Once everyone else has gone home for the day, because as the Sklar Brothers have taught us, 6:45pm is the 3:00am of day drinking, you can head down to Company Brewing enjoy a fine craft beer, a tasty bite to eat and the sound of Nick delivering 50 hot ones. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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