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  2. Home Alone: Trunch Lake Edition — November 18, 2019
  3. Get Your Fix(es) — October 14, 2019
  4. You know, they call it “The City of Bridges” — July 16, 2018
  5. Walk, Don’t Run — May 21, 2018

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No Rest For The Wicked

The scene opens on a large, opulent estate. The quiet is unsettling. Dry leaves blow through open windows. A mouse, nibbling the crust of half-eaten bread on the table in the Hall of Feasts, retreats at the sound of the door bursting open. [NICK enters the room, dressed head-to-toe in blaze orange] NICK, to himself: …

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Home Alone: Trunch Lake Edition

Wanted a bit of time to myself the other day so I sent the help home (or wherever they go; I have no idea), checked out the 100-item legal limit of cookbooks from the public library, and settled in by the fire to read. Three days later, I emerged ready to get to work in …

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Get Your Fix(es)

Long ago, when Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia was in it’s infancy, we tried to play alongside a Monday night game between the Packers and Bears. The crowd thought it was a good idea so why not? We carried an extra 30″ CRT TV up the greasiest stairs in the city and let the questions fly between …

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You know, they call it “The City of Bridges”

Greg’s gone from Pittsburgh to the “nation’s” “captial” so you can imagine what trivia will be like the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I’m stuck at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia World Headquarters and Rap Emporium tending to the underground mushroom farm we had installed last spring. It looks to the untrained eye like a pile old answer …

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Walk, Don’t Run

  Tonight’s Company Brewing show is being pushed back to 7:30 to accommodate a private party. Imagine all of the things you can do with that extra 30 minutes: Read the news (we do current events every week; you have to catch on eventually) Catch one more episode of The Wonder Years Prepare more cover …

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Red Dot Milwaukee Update

Our first show back at Red Dot Milwaukee has been pushed back a week while they finish fixing up the patio. One more week should do it, so plan to see us again on the 20th! I will still be there on the 13th to hang out and play other games if anyone still wants to …

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Yo. Milwaukee. Check It.

Imma be in you for two shows. September 23rd and 30th. Don’t bother to get dressed up; I’m tearing it off anyway.

Red Dot Week 2: So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Well, it’s official – this league will be my last as a host of Milwaukee’s Hardest Trivia.  I’ll still be writing for both the Milwaukee and Madison shows, but my Wisco hosting days are over for now.  Apparently playing days are over as well for Team Always Bitching, who didn’t show up after a last …

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Week 1: Tits & Giggles Break The Game Open

Naughty Penis was crushing for 11 rounds. Trailing by 16 points entering the final round, Tits & Giggles backed into a round 12 double, scored a perfect 30 points, and walked away with a 9-point win and the biggest comeback in Milwaukee’s Hardest Trivia history.  Luck? Strategy? Who fucking knows. On the other end of the spectrum, …

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Week 8: Trivia Is The Tits! (& Giggles)

Winner winner what do stoned people eat for dinner?

I never really understood that phrase. I mean I get it – tits are great so call great things tits. It always seemed off to me, though. Still does. Tits & Giggles destroyed the opposition this week with a 118-point showing, blowing second place whomever out of the water with their eighty-whatever-is-wasn’t-good-enough-anyway points.  Though they didn’t …

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