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Name: Greg Machotka
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  2. Aloha, MFers! — February 21, 2022
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  4. 2022 is Finally in the House — January 10, 2022
  5. New Players Welcomed, and Warned — November 15, 2021

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We Ain’t Done Here

Players, I write to you today, not as a trivia writer, one-time host and famous horse whisperer, but as a fellow human who made a mistake. Let me speak on it. I’ve been in the process of building a new bike because the trails here, around the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Satellite Office of Worthless Knowledge …

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Aloha, MFers!

  Players, I can only hope you’ve cooled off after last week’s show. I simply read the questions in a document, you in-person players had them read to you by Wisconsin’s Hardest Cassie who presented the whole show in ASMR voice. To add to that, I heard she was dressed as a sexy version of …

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Netflix and Thaw, amirite?

OOOOO Milwaukee, you’re in it now baby. That February thaw is upon you. Now, how that coincides with the fact that Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Institute of Carpetbaggery and Mountain Bike Wheelie Practiceatorium was recently blanketed by 4 inches of snow is beyond me. I could go down the too-easy complaint trail about how there was …

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2022 is Finally in the House

Milwaukee players, I suggest you scrape that frost off your Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia sunnies. Maybe blast a couple hot breaths on your Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia pen to make sure that ink is flowing. And, of course, you’re going to want to stack some sort of waffle knit base layer under your favorite Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia …

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New Players Welcomed, and Warned

Players, you know the day, the time and what is about to go down. I like the idea that the previous statement prompted JB, or really any player who’s been in the mix for at least three weeks, to suddenly glance at their watch, chuckle to themself and think, “Some poor team is about to …

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Them Very Holy Days

Greetings! And welcome to November. We’re talking peak Autumn here. The leaf peepers are gone. And the dried leaves that remain hang from skeletons in the deciduous forests, leaving the cold, unloving touch of conifers as the only beacon of life. Ahh. but it is in this time, that we here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia …

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There Will Be Metaphorical Blood

Player, I’m talking to you. Look at me. I’m looking directly at you now. I’m talking lazer-like focus and intensity right now. You feel that? Now hear me out. I’m asking you to use two senses now. Or you can read my lips, whatever, I just need to know you’re absorbing and processing the words …

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Remote Dispatches

Players, I woke up this morning to startling news. It’s news we knew was coming, as evidence of it has been in every Target and Neiman Marcus you walk through. But this morning it really hit home that consumerists and retail giants have successfully eliminated the fall season. We now go from the post Labor-Day …

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Delta in the Time of Delta

Madison, what’s good? I’ll tell you what’s good. I’ll tell you what’s going down. Thursday night. One night only. We’ve got an in-person trivia show. Through friends of friends of friends, we’re knocking out a one time show at Delta Beer Lab on the southside. Now players…players, think about how many prizes I owe you …

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Word on the Street

I haven’t been in Milwaukee proper lately but there seems to be a buzz about this week’s show. A friend of mine, probably Mel or Johnnie for the purposes of this story, said they were standing at the end of Wisconsin Ave, looking at the Calatrava’s wings, spread out over the Quadracci Pavilion and the …

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