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  4. I’m at the Hypothesis Stage — October 14, 2020
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League Play Has Left The Station

In a year with few high points, one of the bright spots has been the unification of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia players. No longer are we Madison players, or Milwaukee players, or people who used to play trivia but then moved away, or Anjali, the Dr. David Banner figure of WHT. Anjali shows up, eventually gets …

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Two Point Oh Starts NOW!

  It’s league day everybody! Not just that, it’s essentially the launch of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Pandemic Style 2.0.  If this were an Android program from a few years ago it would have a fun dessert-centric name like “An entire bag of chocolate chips”, or “Like a beer bong but for that caramel sauce you …

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New League. New Format

OOOOOOOOO doggy! It’s league time.  Can you imagine the players of Welcome to Blockbuster boarding up their hearts, checking to be sure their brain cannons are loaded, taking inventory of their Space Whistle crowlers. These are the same questions every team needs to be asking themselves: Is this a team we can win with? Are …

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I’m at the Hypothesis Stage

Players, I’d like to be able to tell you we’ve been hard at work writing this week’s trivia show, but there is no proof to that. We have nothing right now.  But I can tell you there is an extensive paper trail proposing my belief that Chuck Grassley was the star of 1980s and 90s …

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More like Schl-October

Players, we’re already seven days deep and I just realized, we are in October. Being one who doesn’t look at a calendar or really understand the reason for times and days, I was pleased but not surprised. I saw those leaves changing color. I noticed the days now had more darkness. I could see the …

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The Story of the 60-Second Delay

  Typically I jump on here running my mouth about how you, as players need to get your team together for tonight’s show. And I want that urgency to remain, so get your teams together.  But then there is the urgency on our end. Noon on Wednesday is normally a good time for us to …

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Steppin’ Out!

It’s a big week here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters, Rap Emporium and Pick-Your-Own Briar Patch as we’re gearing up for our first live show in what feels like a decade. We’re all going through our own prep sessions. Anjali is currently pacing around the office and practicing her standard statement, “One more step …

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You Got That Game Day Dread?

Do you feel that? The anticipation rising inside of you?  You probably woke up today, looked at the clock and thought, “Ugh, that gutter sludge is still our president.” I know that’s how I feel everytime I look at a clock, or Tour de France highlights, or the Punisher sticker on the truck in my …

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Borderland Dispatch

Here’s a fun fact about the team Dreadlocks and No Socks: Tales From La Playa: they’re Torontorians so they don’t own a car. But when they use ZipCar, or whatever the luxury version of Zipcar is, you know the one that only offers Range Rovers, Dreadlock Dave brings his own bumper sticker. It’s not really …

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All Aboard the Virtual Trivia Train!

Whew, back in action here at the trivia yard. And there is so much to do. But before we get into that I’m just going to wonder out loud how it is that I am the busiest I’ve been in, like 20 years, around Labor Day. We all are, right? That’s how society works.  Anyway, …

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