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Your Week 34 Preview

  Summer leagues roll on!  Tonight the crowd at Company Brewing gets to flash their worth. We’ll get to see how many more points Scrambled Eggs can stack on their 82-point, league-leading total. Or, perhaps Farts Anonymous will add enough to their 72 to close the gap. We’re getting down to the wire folks. Who …

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Drippy Chrimbo

Whooo, there is some weight in the air in Madison today. A lot of people think it’s due to the students moving, but the real players–the Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Players–they know this is the weight that is now on Neal of Fortune’s shoulders. It actually started last week when founding member SNeal first saw threats …

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Dog Days of Summer

Are these the dog days of summer? When time seems as slow and heavy as the air?  I was standing at the gate of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters, Rap Emporium, Content Chop Shop and Luxury Vape Showroom, and no matter how I tweaked my rig, every stream of jelly bean-flavored cotton just settled at …

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When the Nick is Away…

Apparently this is what happens when Nick goes on vacation. I sit here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters, Rap Emporium and Misery Annex, trying to figure out the best way to prank him. I already ruined the first thought when I started pitching him the concept of “warm gin” before he even left. “Think …

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I’m Back, As If Anyone Noticed I Was Gone

We now know where trivia stands in the hearts and minds of the players. Not one person reached out to say “What are the categories this week?” or “Where are our clues, asshole?”  Not a single person texted and asked, “You doing alright?” If so, they would have learned that I was doing great, but …

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Summer Heaters

I haven’t checked the weather for Milwaukee today, and y’all know I haven’t stepped outside since Thanksgiving, but I do hope Up & Under has the AC on full blast. And players, you’re going to need it.  First off, let’s assume an ambient air temperature of 82 degrees tonight at 7pm. You’re also going to …

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The Trivia Boys of Summer

Rejoice! Trivia Players! This is one of those great weeks during which we have all of the questions and answers written before the week even starts. I don’t want to say that after nine and a half years, we’re organized. But, we’re getting there.  Perhaps it’s the chill vibes of summer that have enabled us …

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Madison Summer League is GO!

It’s a big day over here in Madison. Certainly one the city has been waiting for. It’s not “keys to the city” kind of big, but that might all change when people start seeing those summer league points stack up.  Typically, this is where I would make a joke about Spoony Bards’ race to the …

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Such Names!

Players, I need you all to give me a minute while I collect myself. You see, I just checked out those Company Brewing scores from last night and frankly, I’m flabbergasted (that’s a real word, not just something my gramma used to mutter while adding macaroni to chili like some sort of big-timer who lived …

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The Second Act of Summer

I could use a vacation FROM my vacation.  I mean, what a week. We started off an absolutely buck wild Canada Day, during which I had to shout down simps talking about the wonders of state-sponsored healthcare, walkable communities and roads that don’t feel like driving over a washboard. Then came the mandatory 5 days …

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