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Today is Wednesday

Players, amigos, comrades, today is Wednesday.  I suspect this because I woke up this morning, checked the markets, saw that my investment in the President’s Tweet Count market was way down, then looked over at my No Name brand appointment reminder chart.  Laugh all you want to but you need to understand that I …

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Remembering Memorial Day

All across the country trivia players are waking up following a massive 3-day weekend, and I guess going back to work. I imagine, for some that means moving their computer from the bedside table to the kitchen. For others, that means simply staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what they’ve done with their …

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Game Day Prep Sesh

Welcome to Wednesday, Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia players. This is typically the day I come on here and remind you to get your teams together, because the show starts tonight at 7pm CST. Certainly, Drink Tickets will have already lined up their 14 person team for the night. And Tunnel Snakes Milwaukee will have already checked-in …

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Open for Bizzzz…

Hear me out players, bars in Wisconsin have been open for as many as five nights now and not one has contacted us about firing up trivia night. I don’t want to assume that bar owners have looked at the people crowding into their bars and thought “Probably not the trivia type”, but sometimes you …

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Somebody’s Got a Case of the Wednesdays

  TGIWednesday, am I right?  Remember when Fridays were our jam and everyone was just busting ass to get there so we could kick back a couple Space Whistle IPAs with our crew. Maybe you’d get a little too fired up and talk your Lyft driver into stopping off for a gyro and a half …

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It’s Been So Long Now

Does anyone have an official start date for Shelter@Home in Wisconsin? How long has it been? I know that in the time it took to type this sentence I could have looked up this information, but I didn’t.  That’s how creativity works, baby. I just keep the keys a-clickety-clacking. Then I alternate between mugs full …

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Trivia Day in the E-neighborhood

Welcome to Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Day. I can’t even imagine the anxiety ripping through each player’s mind right now. Is my team going to cut me loose this week? Am I the dead weight? Could they find another player who can tilt their head just so and recognize Colombia at an arbitrary angle? They won’t …

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The Recipe For Trivia Success

We are deep in it now, players. Eau Claire Music School support week is upon us, so let’s take a look at the metrics. There are rumblings on various messenger services, or chatforms, about new teams showing up. Will Eau Claire come out to support their local arts education crew? Will we, for the first …

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From the Queen of England to the Hounds of Hell

I checked the calendar when I woke up this morning and I expected it to read May 4. I pointed my finger to the first monday in May, but there was just a square that read, “Still March, But With Better Weather”.   That’s not even the strangest part of the morning, because after I …

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Game Day Decisions

We’ve got about nine hours before Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia fires up for the night. And before then Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick and Wisconsin’s Hardest I need to write 28 more questions and find some super rad zoom backgrounds to use.  As for you, players, you’ve got choices to make. What’s your team name going to be? …

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