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Up and Up and Up and Under

Listen up players and potential trivia heads, the Company Brewing crew kicked off what could be a pretty killer week of trivia last night. Armadildos took the top spot which is great news. And the Ol’ Teacher-ound grabbed second place, but I suspect they can do better. Tunnelsnakes grabbed third which is about right for …

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The WHT Cash Grab

Brace yourselves, players, because it’s a big day around here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters and Vapable Kale Extractory. Yer boy Greggers is allowed to drive again. That means, any time you cruise by the office today you can catch me slow-rolling up and down the street, steering with my knees and blasting green, …

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It’s like Jaws 2 around here

Big things happening here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. But I’m not talking about Trivia Newton John’s win at Up & Under on Tuesday. This isn’t about Scrambled Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch’s top place finish at Company Brewing, nor the appearance of a team named Daffidildo. And I am certainly not talking about the crowd-sourced show in …

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Oscars Buzz

Milwaukee, now is the time. It’s time to start brushing off your Company Brewing “Buy 1000 pints and your 1001st is Free” punch cards and get ready for some trivia. This is not some ho-hum, whatever-works round of trivia. No no. Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick stayed up late watching the Oscars to deliver all the important …

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It’s League Finals Time, Errbody!

What a week!  First, I lost all of Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia’s money while making Super Bowl bets in Northern Wisconsin. It was like some sort of low stakes Uncut Gems. Then, I returned home and had to put in my 40 hours of week for the year, so I didn’t have time for silly trivia …

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Y’alla Playing Checkers While I’m Playing Chest

Sure, this is a pub trivia set up, but at its heart I think Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is still just a game. I mean, I know Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick loves games. Wisconsin’s Hardest I love games. There was a time where we paid several people to run around the grounds here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia …

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Back on this Bullshit

It sounds like we’ve got another snowy night in store for us tonight, Madison. And there is no better place to beat such foul weather as the basement of the city’s best pizza joint. Imagine, you come in, order pizza and a few drinks from cocktail master, Jake. I fire off a few questions, proving …

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Post Packers Party

Listen up Milwaukee players, pick yourselves up, dust off your retro Packers jersey and get your calendars out. Because it’s time for the whole lot of you to stop talmbout Aaron Rodgers and start counting down the days until the Brewers begin eating truckloads of turds this season.  Of course, there are better ways to …

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The Big Easy

I know what you’re waiting to hear, Milwaukee trivia players. You want to know if there is trivia show tonight at Company Brewing. Well of course there is. And you might be wondering, is Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick hosting. Well of course he is.  It’s just another killer night in Riverwest. Nick firing off 50 questions. …

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Endless Wars and Endless Bores

OH DANG, MADISON, ARE YOU READY? I mean today is a big day. Not only are you required to protest this stupid war with Iran idea at James Madison Park from 4-5:30 by holding signs and urging passing cars to toot thier horns. Because there is nothing like protesting a war spearheaded by our government …

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