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Basking in the Glow

Players, this is where we start to see the shortcomings of the in-person shows and, ultimately, the perfection of the virtual shows. Imagine being a player on a team like Bobby Portishead or Thrillho–one of those teams that banged down 69 points for a top spot tie Monday night at Company Brewing. Noble efforts by …

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The Return is Near

Trivia players, we are back full force this week. Much like the mighty Milwaukee Bucks or the Sir Damien Thorn VII of the Corporate Institutional Bank of Time, we came back. We were always coming back. Typically, there is the tradition that when a trivia host travels somewhere that host is bound to write a …

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July Times

Yawn and stretch and let out the last bits of the loooooong weekend out, players, because it’s time to take on your weekly dose of Wisconsin’s Hardest Online Trivia.  I’m sure there are going to be some Milwaukee players tuning into this post, shouting, “Wisconsin’s Hardest Greggers, whereTF was our post? Why did we have …

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The Peloton

In case you missed it, the Company Brewing live shows kicked off again last week and good god was it a success. Players who haven’t been players since they were pre-covid players were playing. Teams were reunited, scores were argued and Das Tunnelsnakes came out on top.  And here’s what great, this happens every week …

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Long Time Comin’

Solstice, BABY! There will be 18+ long hours of daylight today. Are you ready for that? And, this isn’t even a sacrificing holiday, this one is pure celebration. Brace yourselves, players.    Now, to make it even more amazing, we’ve got Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick back at Company Brewing kicking off a vaxxed-to-the-max season of in-person trivia. …

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Our Crowd Sourced Cup Runneth Over

OOOOOOO players, we are at it again with that crowd-sourced overflow. And this week we’re coming in hot with submitted categories from OG Neal of Fortune, Raven (to some extent) and the Drink Tickets variant. Plus, any last minute submissions from teams like Good Enough or Clever Girl.  Even if Good Enough doesn’t submit anything …

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(No title)

[Wisconsin’s Hardest Greg checks his watch. His eyes widen, but barely, he is tired from a combination of anti-seizure meds and sitting up all night watching season three of True Blood, convinced that the complete series is not only better, but truly hits home on the tenth viewing. He grabs his phone] “Siri, call Wisconsin’s …

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Copper–The Spice of Life

Players, have we got a show for you tonight. Fresh off Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia’s questionable performance on Never Not Funny: Isolation Files and the announcement that June 21 in-person trivia is returning to Company Brewing, we’re bringing a hot one in the form of the Spring League finale.  I would like to say it’s all …

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The Spring League’s Penultimate Show

Players, this is it. We are in that final push to the league finale and we’ve got big things coming at you tonight. Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick would say, the biggest thing we got is Good Enough’s contribution which may or may not be about Copper Country. Wisconsin’s Hardest me would say it’s that hard hitting …

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May is Lizard Month!

Players, tonight I’m going to need you to cosplay your way into a supporting cast member of Jurassic Park. Obviously, a few roles are already taken.  We’ve got Laura Dern and whatever trend she is crushing this week. And the Velociraptor Hunter, while he is still available, the crew member who was summoned when the …

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