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  4. Jours des Chien — July 28, 2020
  5. Devo Days — July 22, 2020

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Crowd Sourced Last Call

Players, the mailbox over here at Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters, Rap Emporium and Center for Gene Modification to Create a Peony/Toxicodendron Hybrid is overflowing.  You see, part of the job Anjali of Increasing Wisconsin Hardness does here at WHTGHQRE&CFGMTOCPTH is to print off all the emails Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick and I receive and put …

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It’s Crowd-Sourced Time!

Players, we all should be thankful this week is a crowd-sourced show. We’re going to need it.  Typically when Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick or Wisconsin’s Hardest I go on an adventure to say, Texas, or New Orleans, or Kenosha we use the inspiration/desolation we find in these places to write a couple categories. Like a real …

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Summer League Ender

Players, let’s get right into it. We’ve got league finals to play tonight. We’ve got prizes to give away, and I still have like 50 Bamboo Harvester of Sorrow questions to write. Oh, you thought we barely eked out five and tossed them all righty-tighty-lefty-loosey-goosey on slides and called it good? You don’t think we …

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Jours des Chien

This is it players. There is no turning back. This is the final round.  I’m not going to lie to you and say this is anyone’s game. I think we all know Milwaukee Tunnel Snakes are not going to walk away from this show victorious. There is, however, the very real chance that if things …

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Devo Days

Ooooo, Doggie. Tonight’s show is ready to jump the eff off. We’ve got the Concertina Belcher’s requested category. I still have to make the Welcome to Blockbuster donation to The Wisconsin Humane Society, but I’ll get to it before tonight’s show.  I tried to go over some of tonight’s highlights with Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick, but he …

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Looking For Losers and Winners

Attention players, we are looking for a few Concertina Belchers. It is imperative we speak with a ConBel because we need to know what category they want to see this week. As the team that had just the most pathetic showing last week, that is their honor.  We also need to hear from last week’s …

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Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Week 29 starts off with a visit from the Trunch Lake Police Department as we faced Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia and the Case of Burglary and Stolen Scraper. It should surprise no one that I was not thrilled to have the police involved, but our insurance provider,, wasn’t even going to rent …

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The Case of the Missing Kaplan West Prep Players

What a Wednesday! Am I right? I could barely sleep. There is so much excitement over this last three week push to crown the Stay At Home Summer 2020 league champions. Who will it be? Both Scrambled Eggs and Welcome to Blockbuster are sitting on 85 league points. Then OG Neal of Fortune is currently …

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Leak Week

Players, we gotta keep this brief today. But don’t worry, if there is anything Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia excels at, it’s brevity. So let’s nail these points. Kaplan West Prep! Where you at? I need to know where I’m making your donation for the win last week.      B. Did I chastise Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick …

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(No title)

Let me tell it to you straight, players. If there were to be an in-person show tonight. If we all crammed in the basement of the Glass Nickel or in the impressive expanse of Company Brewing, there would be so many unhappy players. Even Gentrifiers of Kazan, who finally got in touch with me and …

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