And Thus Ends the Winter Leagues

We might need bring Moonbats in for some blood tests after last night’s Up & Under show. I suspect a Lance Armstongian doping set-up but. How else do you explain the 106 points scored last night on the team’s march to victory. But this then leads into the greater question of, “What would be a banned substance at trivia?” Probably just Monster Energy drink. Not for any performance enhancements, but because it just reads as tacky and for dirty teenagers.

Imagine the scene, all of Moonbats come back Monster-free, except one person who has to admit they have been sneaking away to drink can of Gronk-flavored Monster. Troubling, on so many levels.

So Moonbats 106 points assured them the league win with 49 points overall. 3 Guys on a Fact Hunt rallied for 92 points last night, capturing second place for the week but they could only grab 44 leagues points in the end. Whispering Goat Whores put up 70 points last night, which was just enough to give them 45 leaguers, and allowing them to hold on to second place. Bowser-Domino tossed up 62 points, which means these fools are on the come up. All you other teams need to consider yourselves warned. And finally, Is It Supposed to Burn When I Pee earned 51 infection-spreading points.

And from there we move over to The Tracks Tavern where Nick’s got a rousing crowd-sourced show, which may-or-may not feature some Madison questions. It all depends on me getting a few minutes to drop them in. Time is going to tell with that one.

You can get in the mix tonight at Tracks in Milwaukee. It’s on the corner of Humboldt and Locust. The show starts at 7pm. Be there or be square.

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