And Thus Concludes Week One

Madison was looking good last night. Sure, the Glass Nickel scores were kind of horrifying, but the crowd was great. I just looked out from behind my computer and thought, “Trivia, you looking like a bajilli.”

Of course, the scores are where the games are won or lost. The scores are where league points are collected. The scores are what counts. Bitch Planet felt the trivia gods turn their backs last night. Oh, if only Kareem-Abdul Jabber had not been scratched out. Then Bitch Planet would have had more than 36 points. And Bitch Planet would not have been topped by In Poor/Pour/Pore Taste, who ended the night with 37. The Welpy Bards went with a different approach. Yes, Sarah, I received your cookie and I ate that cookie on the drive home, but was that cookie going to earn your team any more points? No. The Welpy Bards ended the night with 43. And just ahead of them it was Clementines with 44. Hyped to have this team hanging around.

Then as we move into the top three, there are teams we should all know by now. The stalwarts among stalwarts, Clever Girl, landed in third place with 60 points. Nell of Fortune, the female contingent of Neal of Fortune, dropped some drink tickets and ended the night with 73, but they came up just short of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs who put up 76 points.

Of course, that also meant Hannah got to remind me that every trivia is different, but they all end the same way. But mark my words Hannah, your empire of worthless knowledge will fucking crumble.

The great news is that this all starts over again next week. Perhaps you should be there.

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