And the Award Goes to…

Fresh off a massive show at Company Brewing, we’re here to discuss the what happened last night. With 10 teams packing the house I suspect Nick is still catching his breath. Meanwhile, I’m over here making wild allegations against teams like The Hopefuls. I haven’t seen this name pop up on the score sheets before, so it’s no surprise the ended the night with only 32 points.

You see, trivia is like the New York Times crossword puzzle in a way. If you try to do it just once, you’re not going to do to well. You might think any reference to a TV alien might mean Mork from Ork or The Mooninites, but once you’ve been playing for a while you understand that the answer is always ALF. You can’t fit Zoidberg in a three-letter space. I suspect we’ll see better scores from The Hopefuls in the future.

Then there are the teams that are destined for mediocrity. You take TEEB NABE, Seppuku Hand Luke and Best Double Chicken Ever, with their scores of 33, 36 and 39 and you begin to understand. It’s like how I played little league for three years in my youth. I was not good. I suspect by the end of my career as a baller, I was strictly showing up to see if anyone had painted over the “Jessie is a hoare [sic]” that someone had scribbled on the bench. I spent a lot of time on that bench. Go TEEB NABE! Go Anderson Windows Brewers!

Team Names are Hard put up 48 on the night, while Cthulu Lemon scored 53 and Tunnelsnakes held down the middle with 55 points. Third place went to Scrambled Eggs who earned a solid 60, but then those ice-cold trivia killers on Evil League of Evil dropped a bonus point and nabbed second place with 61. And on top it was S&M&Ms who rang up 62 after their bonus point.

Tonight we move east, over to Brady Street at the Up & UnderLewis, fresh off another Emmy Award show wherein he was nominated in every category, except Best Support Actress in a Drama Series which rightfully went to Thandie Newton, but won nothing, is ready to drop 50 hot ones on your team. If you want to get in the mix, all you have to do is be at the the Up & Under tonight. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.

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