And Milwaukee Week Rolls On


I screwed up. I had no idea last week was the league final for the Milwaukee players as well. I guess it was. I had no idea partially because I wasn’t paying attention and partially because I never asked Nick directly. And that last point is because he and I have spoken face-to-face since 2013.

So anyway, the first ever summer league ender when down at the Winchester. And it was nasty. So tight up top. Clap your hands together and then rub against each other vigorously. That’s what the top of the Winchester league felt like.

Sure, you have teams like the Scrambled Eggs, who put up 13 league points and Tunnels Snakes who earned 19. Both are consistent teams, but not league winners. You got Wilson Sans Wilson and Jaws Bon Jovi at 21 and 22 points, respectively. And then we jump to the low 40s. Tits & Jigglypuffs closed out the league with a hard-earned 42 points, only to be crushed in the final moments when Once Brilliant Detectives Formerly Known as Reclusive Wankers racked up 43 points for the win.

You might notice I left off A Team Olajuwon, who somehow scored 21 points. Listen, I just found out these jerkwads used to be THE Dorkchop Express (I should have known this earlier, but Nick and I haven’t spoken since the first Roosevelt administration). I got a really solid lead on this crew, with their windows down, smoking clove cigarettes and listening to The Doors. The scourge of the city.

Of course, there were all of the other teams that played this summer—Skull & Boners, Poop & Pee Warriors, Pickles & Pouting, Monkey vs. Robot, Florence’s Machine, CRS, Elder’s Boner Academy, Don’t Call Me Cork Soaker (how could forget them?), Blood Suckers and Frank’s Tanks.  Also playing at least once were Frank’s Tanks Spank Banks, Childhood Nightmare, Bristle, Communication Shakedown, Chizzle, Black Metal Typeface and the Jazz Dandies, Card Stock, Stressed Zipper, Garden Gnomes and the Mulch, Absolute Zero Mostel, Looks Like Petrichor, Dennahy, SNORE!, Chris and Kelly, Chris and Jamie, Chris and Ellie, Just Chris, Vegan Blood Sausage, Adventuremobile, The Devo Hats—You Know The Ones, Community Disorganizer, Behold a Pale Horse Named Snickers, Central Air and of course, Felch.

Any of these teams, and anyone else, is welcome to join us for a good time. In Milwaukee, we’re playing at the Winchester on Murray and if you’re in Madison we’re at Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood. Thursday shows in both locations start at 7pm.

See you there.

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