Aloha, MFers!


Players, I can only hope you’ve cooled off after last week’s show. I simply read the questions in a document, you in-person players had them read to you by Wisconsin’s Hardest Cassie who presented the whole show in ASMR voice. To add to that, I heard she was dressed as a sexy version of Misato Katsuragi’s Pen Pen.

Now, I know one of you players, probably Canadian Mel, is going to remind me that it was St. Valentine’s day, not St. Hallow’s Een. But you gotta realize, when you’ve spent the last 12 years of your life working on a boss Neon Genesis Evangelion costume, and that costume has a truly banging penguin rump, you wear it as often as you can.

Anyway, Valentine’s is over. And to break you all from that winter funk, Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick is coming at you with a real surf-centric show tonight. It’s that way because that’s what happens when Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia goes on vacation. Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia hosts come home and write Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia questions about the vacation.

So tonight, I’m going to need you all to be thinking about Nick, out there on a killer break, paddling out in 18oz denim and a proper OCBD, probably on a Yater Spoon, Zalaam’s Bottomless Black Hole pounding from a boombox on the beach.

Players, that is a heavy hitting image. You’re going to want to store that away somewhere safe. Maybe pack it right next to the memory of Pen Pen reading the lyrics to Erotica City.

And once that’s locked away, get your crew together, do a bit of research on Julia Roberts and then get everyone to Company Brewing tonight. The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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