A Very Sexy Trivia

People are going to be talking about last night’s trivia show for years to come. Sure, it will be mostly complaints, but all press is good press, you know.

From experience I can tell you with near-certainty that most of the complaints will come from Fuck the EFG. This team of renegades, misfits, ne’er-do-wells and Gayle/Gail/Gale/Gael, shows up, barely makes it into double digits and brags about how they’re engineers and nurses. Like this is foreign to me. Like my mom wasn’t a nurse engineer. C’mon. But they were the only team that pulled Willie Cauley-Stein, so I do owe them some credit.

Ahead of them it was the Multiple Mayors of Flavortown. Then, it was the Solar Sail Ship, a new team who came out hot and then crumbled under the pressure. Dern put up 60 points. And Good Enough did the right thing, playing enough drink tickets to end up with 69.

TV Dogs showed up with a full team, agreeable opinions on the show Patriot, and a random picture of boobs on Nithin’s phone. In the end that only was enough to get them into third place with 72 points. The faction of Neal of Fortune that is not sending me porno from Greece nabbed second place with 79 points. And a streamlined Spoony Bards took home the win with 86.

Spoony Greg wanted me to note they won without the use of drink tickets. He grabbed me by the label of my sport coat, got real close to my face and through gritted teeth said, “Tell ‘em we didn’t need drink tickets. Tell ‘em. Spoony Bards, platinum, no features.”

Spoony Greg is real intense.

We’re back at it next week. See you then.  


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