A New Dawn

Fresh off a national holiday, we’re set to fire up some trivia tonight. As it is every Thursday, Glass Nickel Pizza on Atwood is home to Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia. Yet, This week feels a little different. Maybe it’s because we’re sitting on 50 questions that are going to please about two percent of the players. Or, maybe it’s because I challenged Tunnelsnakes to step into the Madison dojo. They haven’t said yes yet, but they also haven’t said no.

Speaking of Milwaukee teams, I slid into the slides for your crowd-sourced show and the whole lot of you are monsters. You MFers created a Steely Dan category like NBD. And ultimately it was no big deal because someone else submitted Accounting & You. But the pinnacle of that show certainly had to be Folding Tables Don’t Stand a Chance–five questions about Buffalo, New York, without a single mention of the Goo Goo Dolls or Ani Difranco (Yes, this is the second Ani Difranco reference I’ve made this week. I don’t like it, but I’m not sorry about it).

Back to tonight’s show, the real game changer is the restructuring that needs to happen on Neal of Fortune, over the last couple of months they’ve lost 3 members. I’m not going to say those players moved on to better places, because there’s no WHT in Minneapolis, there is no Bamboo Harvester of Sorrows in the Bay, but  Minneapolis and the bay area are both really rad.

Will this loss of players, make their spot atop the league ranking vulnerable? Will Spoony Bards be the Brutus to their Caesar? Will the HH Holmes and the Murder Castle Dancers move on them like a bitch? You guys I spend about 90% of my time trying to come up with bonkers statements, and I still have no clue what it means to move on someone like a bitch. That’s just lazy phrasing.

With Alex and Gabe gone, it’s open season on Thin Lizzy questions. And with Caitlyn gone their Art History knowledge has been greatly diminished. That might hurt them when we take a look at the art featured in the Beyonce and Jay Z video for Apeshit.

Is that a bonus clue for all the players tonight? Probably. But it won’t do you any good unless you decide to play. So get your team together and get down to Glass Nickel Pizza. We’ll be the one in the basement, knocking back drinks with Jake and reminding Simon to bring some napkins for the table. As always, it’s open to everyone, all you have to do is be there by 7pm.

See you then.


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