A Monday Post for the Players

Lady Posse

Lady Posse: A Selfie Portrait

Well, well, well, if it’s not the elusive Monday trivia post. Is this to make up for the post I missed last Friday, so me and a crowd of millions could gather and watch our new president be sworn in?  

No. That aint my team. I just had some other words which needed to be written that day. My apologies. So, let’s hop in the time machine and slide back to what should have been the last post about last week.

Picture it, Thursday night, we’re in the basement of Glass Nickel Pizza. The standard teams are in the house, some teams that don’t show up often enough are around and then there are a couple of new teams pushing that place to near capacity. Add in a splash of tech problems and we were off to a fantastic start.

Round one, and this new team, Lady Posse, doubles. Right out the gate. Bold moves for sure. I said, “Listen, I know this looks bad, me being man, granted a dandy fellow, but a man nonetheless, explaining to you, Lady Posse, that maybe you shouldn’t trust your judgement.” But they stuck to it. Banged down 30 points and rode that wave all the way to win. A truly great showing for a first time team.

Behind them, putting up a strong score as well, it was Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs and their 91 points. In third place, with 82 points, it was Franco For Pres. They’re another new team who walked in and trashed the forts all the established teams had built with their sofa cushions.

Guess Harder, showed their faces again and did fairly well with 79 points. I mean, it wasn’t enough to walk away with any prizes, but for them it was a pretty good showing. With 76 points on the night, it was Spoony Bards 3: The Re-Re-Spooning. Grizzly Bears in Schools got their shit together well enough to put 71 points on the board.

Kitty Kitty Meow Meow continues their upward climb on the score sheet, ending the night with 58 points. They just barely topped T.W.A.T. who put up 56. And finally, at 35 points it was Bitch Planet (who had the highest points per player score of 35).

It was a bruiser of a night, but it’s good to get the dust off the dials before we head into our winter leagues. And we’ll get there soon enough. For now, just get ready for another week of Trivia.


  1. David

    It was the Re-Re-Spoonening, although I don’t blame you. Rob doesn’t understand themes and thought he could just make up whatever he wants.

    1. greg

      Goddammit ROB! (Sorry about wrongly naming the team)

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