Open for Bizzzz…

Hear me out players, bars in Wisconsin have been open for as many as five nights now and not one has contacted us about firing up trivia night. I don’t want to assume that bar owners have looked at the people crowding into their bars and thought “Probably not the trivia type”, but sometimes you have to look at facts:

  • FACT: Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is currently operating in zero bars
  • FACT: Did you see the pics of the people who were in the now open bars? OOOOF.  

Maybe this is how it is now. Maybe Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is now Twitch’s Hardest Trivia, or just Sword Emoji, Exploding Brain Emoji, Rocker Hands Emoji. And then someone else stacks the tentacles of the sea beast. Or as the new shirts will say SEEBERHE&TSESTTOFSB. 

Damn, can you imagine how many of those shirts would be taking up in my office closet, not getting sold. Teams would be tanking their scores in the final rounds because no one wants to wear a robin’s egg blue SEEBERHE&TSESTTOFSB tee. 

Or maybe we could do turtlenecks with the branding embroidered at the neck. 

Enough about all the hypotheticals, we’re going to take a week off from donations. If you want to make a donation to whatever organization you prefer, feel free. But the main focus this week is to stay safe, have fun, and drag some new players into the mix. Maybe tell them about the SEEBERHE&TSESTTOFSB turtlenecks. 

I have to be honest, in the time it took me to write this I’ve really come around on these new shirts. 

This week’s registration look works like this: 

  1. If you can, grab a couple growlers from Company Brewing, or maybe hold off for that Fried Chicken Wednesday, because that looks tasty. If you’re in Madison, maybe you grab an order from Glass Nickel. Imagine how rad your table is going to look with A Cardiac Arrest, a Pollo Diablo and a plain cheese lined up like your own personal pizza buffet. Plus, you know you got that brekky pie in the fridge for tomorrow morning. 
  2. Encourage some new players to join in the mix. For real, each one teach one. 
  3. Get your team name to me at greg@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com
  4. Tune in Wednesday night at https://www.twitch.tv/wisconsinshardesttrivia and get your brain scrambled.

If you have any questions or concerns about registering feel free to shout at me or nick@wisconsinshardesttrivia.com


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