Post Packers Party

Listen up Milwaukee players, pick yourselves up, dust off your retro Packers jersey and get your calendars out. Because it’s time for the whole lot of you to stop talmbout Aaron Rodgers and start counting down the days until the Brewers begin eating truckloads of turds this season. 

Of course, there are better ways to pass your time. You can start by grabbing a couple friends and shuffling off to Company Brewing in Riverwest. You might know Company Brewing as the place you typically go to refill your growlers of ThousandFold stout, but you should also know you can stop in there on Monday nights and join Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia for the best trivia show in the city. Plus, you can get your ThousandFold by the glass. Though I guess you could just buy a growler of it and sip-sip on that bad boy all night.

Now, when I say Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia is the best trivia in the city, I actually mean the state. What are your other options? Some fucking joke show on Water Street? Jizzmasters at some Third Ward wine bar? Sitting at home watching Alex Trebek fade away 30 minutes at a time?

Nah man, you get your people, you do a quick brush up on topics no one wants to discuss. Things like Beetles, Sitcoms of the 80s/90s and that dead guy from Rush (the band, not the movie because as far as I know Anton Yelchin wasn’t in Rush. But he was in Green Room and that movie had me shook). Anyway, Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick kicks off the show tonight at 7pm. See you there.


  1. David

    Wait, I’m confused. Couldn’t Milwaukee fans worship at the altar of Giannis? The Bucks are hardly turd-eaters, and it can pass the time in the wintery months.

    1. greg

      Milwaukee hates the Bucks. We all know this, right?

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