2022 is Finally in the House

Milwaukee players, I suggest you scrape that frost off your Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia sunnies. Maybe blast a couple hot breaths on your Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia pen to make sure that ink is flowing. And, of course, you’re going to want to stack some sort of waffle knit base layer under your favorite Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia tee. Because players, you’ve got a winter league championship to compete for tonight.

That’s right, after a holiday hiatus stretched out so long like salt water taffy at a two-star candy shop in your favorite one-star vacation town, Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick is back in action and ready to deliver the questions, the answers and the prizes.

Now players, you need to know how many possible iterations of tonight’s show there were. We originally were going to hit you with a 2021 year in review show, but that came and left. Naturally we moved on to the concept of a 2022 year in preview show, and then we got to scrap that plan. Now, what feels like a lifetime later, we’re bringing some much needed heat in the form of 50 questions and no real underlying theme.

The rest is on you players. Gather your team. But be sure they’re healthy before you gather with them. I mean, you know what time it is out there. Once you’ve got your heaviest heavy hitters, you maybe do some review/preview research and then you get yourselves to Company Brewing in Riverwest. Nick will be there. Ready. Waiting. Your glass of Night Rye’d Nitro Porter will be there. Ready. Waiting.

The show starts at 7pm. See you there.


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