Get Your Fix(es)

Long ago, when Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia was in it’s infancy, we tried to play alongside a Monday night game between the Packers and Bears. The crowd thought it was a good idea so why not? We carried an extra 30″ CRT TV up the greasiest stairs in the city and let the questions fly between downs. Even we weren’t paying attention and the winning score was something like 36. A fine idea in theory; less so when it comes down to it.

The Deetroyt Lions are no Bears, but tonight the Packers are on MNF and so there is no WHT at Company Brewing.

You can still get that good good Company fix tonight, though; they’re hosting another kick-ass football party complete with an ever-growing shrine to Aaron Rodgers (not Canadian)¬†which obvs can’t be missed.

For your weekly dose of trivia, you have two (and only these two) choices:

One, hit up Celebrity Guest Host Andy Berg and Lewis, heir to the Dippin’ Dots empire, when they kick off their weekly Up and Under show at 7pm.

Two, join Wisconsin’s Hardest Nick at County Claire for Abby‘s homegrown show. Abby plays at Company on Refrigerator Nation every week and he’s going this week to return the favor. Voltron up with his squad at 9pm.


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