A Northern Expedition

Once again we southern Wisconsonians are digging out our driveways and sidewalks and cars or Bird scooters just so we can make it through the day and get ready for another raucous week of trivia.

To figure out how people live like this I traveled to Northern Minnesota. Was it an expansion expedition? Maybe, if those cats at Pizza Lucé Duluth ever want to dump that bum trivia squad they have now and get on board with a real show.

Or was the purpose of the trip was to check the progress on Wisconsin’s Hardest Trivia Global Headquarters II and Great Lakes Grey Market Fishery on the banks of the Onion River, 500 feet from where it dumps into Gitche Gummee?

Only time will tell.

I can tell you that Sunday morning I was awoken to the sound of a strange voice in the place we were staying. I then heard some of my fellow northerly adventurers, talking about how the heater had died overnight and the main floor was only 42 degrees. I grabbed my phone, checked the local temp and learned it was a cool -26F outside. I stayed in my bed under the covers.

Then the strange voice returned, not to fix the furnace, but to drop off space heaters. You know, the perfect solution. He suggested putting one in the loft, but a co-adventurist says “I’m pretty sure they’re fine. It’s toasty up there”

To which the space-heater-bringer says “They won’t be for long, up there, they’re closer to the sky.”

This is a man who, I assume was not new to the land, had seemingly no idea how hot and cold air work together. He also seemed to think of the sky as a fixed point rather than a concept. Anyway, I laughed from my warm bed and yelled, “We are cloud people. We are of the sky.”

But -26 is super cold and it took 10 hours for my toes to warm up.

What I’m getting at is that Northern Minnesota is really cold right now. And Milwaukee and Madison will be soon enough. We’re hanging out to see how this impacts trivia shows,, but you can believe it when I tell you it’s a top to bottom thriller this week. We’re going to discuss the world of Billiards, Various Chinese Dynasties and Duluth and the North Shore of Minnesota.   

We are currently planning on putting the Company Brewing players on blast tonight. Nick’s got nearly all of the required 50 questions and by the time 7pm rolls around he’s going to be dropping knowledge. All you need to do is show up and soak in the good times. See you tonight.


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